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Traditional Photo Tour (DSLR Camera)

We offer full service real estate photography services to delight your clients and help you sell and rent your properties faster.


When home buyers are shopping for a new home, good quality pictures will increase a buyers interest, help the home sell faster, and for more money. According to one study, on average, professional quality photos add $3,400 to the purchase offer, and sell 3 weeks faster than homes with average pictures.

That's why at Bull + Oak, we use the highest quality equipment to capture your properties. Our cameras and lenses offer the best angles (without looking distorted) and capture the maximum amount of natural light.

Traditional Photo Tours Start at $225

2020 03 26_2341-HDR.jpg
Virtual Tour (360 Camera)

Modern times demand modern approaches to real estate photography. Especially in the RDU region, with the population influx, many buyers are viewing homes from out of the area, often making their purchasing decision without ever visiting the home.


With this in mind, Bull + Oak offers Virtual Tours of any property. This allows prospective buyers to virtually walk through the property, getting a feel for the layout, viewing each room from many angles, and even get a feel for what the outside is like! If a buyer can't visit a house, a virtual tour is the next best option.

At Bull + Oak, we use the highest quality 3D camera available which allows prospective buyers imagine themselves standing there. 

Virtual Tours Start at $200

Virtual Tour with Photo Add-On

Because the Virtual Tour captures are such high quality (134 MegaPixels!), we are able to extract very high quality still photos as well. While these won't be quite as high quality as our traditional photos, for many properties they are perfect for typical internet advertising. 

See the comparison of a Virtual Tour photo and a traditional photo captured with a DSLR to see which option is right for you. By combining Virtual Tour photos with your Virtual Tour, we can save your client time and save you money.


Virtual Tour Photo add on starts from $100

Drone Photos

Showing off the interior of a property in the best possible light and quality is a fantastic way to interest buyers, but often what's outside a home will interest buyers as well!

Bull + Oak offers Drone Photography to highlight key areas outside the home. While not every home can benefit from showing an expansive view of the surrounding land, even just adding a drone shot of the front of a house can set your properties apart from others than are taken at street view.

Not every home has the same needs, that's why we offer individual drone photos for just $50. If you just want an elevated front shot, that works, but if you want that plus photos of the pool, clubhouse, pond, and nearby golf course, we can do that too!

Individual Drone Photos $50

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